Are these compliant with my states regulations?

Our MCO’s surpass AAMVA guidelines for security and features which states use for their MCO guidelines. Not only do we apply more security features than what is required we also do so in a secure environment making sure that our MCO paper is protected by a strict chain of custody. You can see a list of of the AAMVA guidelines here

How do I get my information on the certificate of origin form?

We have several options for you depending on your needs.

  1. You can purchase the certificate or statement of origin compliant blanks from our site in a 8.5 x 11″ format which are absent of any logos or company information you can print your information on demand including any vehicle, trailer, boat, etc. finished information in the open fields using our certificate of origin template.
  2. You can purchase certificate or statement of origin compliant forms from our site where you design your imprint online which we will use to pre-print your logo and company information before shipping and all you have to do is print the vehicle specific information when needed using our certificate of origin template.
  3. Contact Us for a completely custom configuration or document according to your needs. We do it all in house and can consult with you on making a compliant document.

My certificate or statement of origin isn’t exactly like the one shown. Can you customize it?

Absolutely! Our secure certificate of origin forms are the industry “standard” but we understand that some clients want a little more specific or custom information on their manufacturer certificate of origin forms. We design and print everything we do in house and can custom print your MCO’s however you like. For most custom requests the initial layout and design will even be free and the pricing predicated off the volume you select.

You can view the steps here or simply contact us today for a simple estimate on what it will entail to get you what your looking for.

How long will it take to get my certificate of origin forms or template?

We typically have blank MCO’s ready to ship which can be shipped the same business day when SAE is verified and if placed before noon pst. Orders requiring general imprinting can be done in less than 2-3 days depending on complexity.

Our template is a direct download when purchased via credit card here.

Can I see a proof before ordering?

Yes! You can actually design your imprint on our site. Due to the security printing involved of the MCO’s you cannot view all the features in the proof but being as we print from the same file you create you are essentially building your proof.

Of course for custom applications we will always proof for you before ordering at no charge. Contact us to discuss any custom needs you may have.

What do you need for verification?

Due to the secure nature of our printing process and material we must adhere to a strict chain of custody. Without this chain of custody the security of our secure MCO’s is useless. Typically if you can supply your manufacturer license or the SAE International confirmation of your WMI code would be sufficient.

Will you give discounts for larger quantities of MCO’s?

Yes! Our typical certificate and statement of origin prices tier down signficantly the higher you go up. We stopped our MCO pricing at 5000 sheets on this site because any more than that we don’t want to advertise our pricing online. We have no problem producing any quantity you can  imagine so throw a figure at us for a reduced quote.

My current certificate of origin imprint is black. Can you print in color?

Yes! Full color is our standard for imprint of certificate and statement of origin orders.

Will you ship to Canada?

Yes! Not only do we sell MCO and MSO’s to the entire United States but also to Canada. We also specialize in international shipment logistics and can offer advice for the best way to not get delayed in customs.

Which MCO do I need?

We are sometimes asked which MCO should I buy. We have multiple options but have included the two most requested types in our store. The standard certificate of origin will work just fine for vehicles, trailers, motorcycles, ATV’s, etc. The vessel is primarily worded towards all watercraft with language in the body for a hull. If your not sure and would like to confirm the exact contents please contact us.

How do you ship your MCO’s

Our standard delivery method is via UPS. All certificates are sent in secure packaging to make sure your certificates arrive in perfect condition. Other freight options are available for larger quantities as well as deliveries outside of the US.

What are the dimensions of your Certificate of Origin’s?

Our MCO’s are produced using premium security paper supplied as 8.5″ x 11″ standard letter size. The actual MCO certificate is approximately 7″ x 8″ on the letter sheet using micro-perforations. After printing, the MCO is easily seperated from the master sheet if desired.

Are these on “Money Paper”

In short, yes. We aren’t sure where the term “Money Paper” was started but obviously the federal reserve would not allow the same paper to be used which is used for the US currency. Our secure paper is UV dull, has visible/invisible fibers, full chemical protection, a true watermark, and a poly security thread embedded in the paper. All of these features are present in our currency and is likely where the term money paper was coined. Printed MCO security features a multi-colored background that shows VOID when copied, thermochromic heat changing ink that shows the a latent “C” and “O” when rubbed, micro-text, and erasure sensitive ink. Several of these features are patented by us and we are the ONLY company allowed to produce MCO and MSO forms with these secure features. More details on the amount of security can be viewed on our security feature page. Bottom line is that our paper exceeds AAMVA recommendations as well as the features sold by our competitors.