Secure Printing Facility

Certificate of Origin’s are considered to be sensitive documents and why AAMVA has placed expectations on features which go into protecting the MCO document. True security printers understand that it is not enough to simply print a “compliant document” based on features alone. Without a secure chain of custody or secure print facility your certificate of origin’s run the risk of theft or misuse which leaves any secure print feature useless. Before picking a printer for your MCO paper be sure to verify that they have a secure facility and policies in place which secure the entire process of MCO printing and not just putting ink on paper.


Our main manufacturing secure printing facility occupies over 177,000 square feet of manufacturing space which incorporates, at a minimum, the following security measures.

The following protocols are followed for our secure printing facility.

  • All employees working in the manufacture of security documents are subject to background checks and fingerprinting to minimize risk exposure.
  • All employees must wear a photo ID badge which contains their RFID code.
  • Entire premise is gated and access controlled via RFID or remote via front lobby.
  • External premise is guarded under remote surveillance.
  • External employee entrance doors to facility are locked and controlled via RFID.
  • All RFID points are recorded for date, time, and employee code.
  • Entire internal secure facility is guarded under remote surveillance which is 3rd party controlled.
  • Visitor entrance includes a security lobby which controls entrance into the facility.
  • All visitors are identified with proper ID and written in visitor log.
  • Containers, briefcases, cameras, cell phones, etc. are prohibited.
  • 24 hour surveillance, access control, alarms are all controlled via 3rd party which has direct access to Fire Department or Law Enforcement in case of fire or breach.
  • All visitors are employee escorted and must wear a visitor security badge.
  • Plant is divided into 6 level subdivision areas whereas employees, dependent on their authorization, have controlled and limited access to sensitive areas of the facility.
  • High security area is provided for warehouse finished security products.
  • 24 hour armed guards are utilized on a project basis depending on sensitivity of project.
  • Local network is protected via firewall from the wide area network.
  • Strict control over sensitive media, materials, and documents from the time the order enters the facility to the time it ships.
  • Secure facility is equipped with shredding and disintegration equipment which complies with the requirements of NSA/CSS Specification 02-02, High Security Disintegrators and NSA/CSS 04-02, Optical Media Destruction Devices.
  • All security document waste, including make ready, is shredded on premises.
  • All printing plates are destroyed upon completion of secure document printing.
  • Shipping truck access to the property is RFID controlled and separate from main gate.
  • Shipping access is controlled with security gates during prime shipping times.
  • Internal network integral server components are guarded within a locked closet with limited access.

State of the art printing equipment.

Here is a photo of one of our premier 10 color offset printing presses. This press has full UV cure capacity, inline digital registration, inline inkjet, and can produce stock from roll to sheet, roll to roll, or roll to fold. It excels at producing high volume security graphics very efficiently with the best quality. We typically put runs of 50,000 documents and up on this press.

This photo shows one of our two iGen full color presses. It can print full commercial color on both sides of the sheet. This is typically used for short runs of color or imprinting. Digital printers like the iGen can’t print security graphics as well as an offset press so in order to provide the security and quick imprints on your certificate of origin’s we will typically run our security print base on an offset press then bring it here to apply customer specific information. For the certificate of origin printing we would apply the engraved border, latent images, and anti-copy background on the press then imprint a customer logo and information on the iGen.