MCO Security Features

Our MCO security features surpass AAMVA guidelines.

We are one of the only companies to offer the following features included in our certificate of origin paper.

A secure paper inclusive of the Eagle true watermark, visible/invisible fibers, toner anchorage, chemical attack protection, UV dull, and AAMVA compliant polyester thread. This secure paper is guaranteed offer the highest print quality for your certificate of origin paper.

We are the only manufacturer to produce latent images which reveal themselves with a simple rub of your thumb or warm breath. The latent message appears as a hidden part of the border but then reveals itself with simple warmth. There is a “C” on the upper left cycloid and an “O” in the upper right which is typical in previous certificate of origin’s with latent messages.

We are the only certificate of origin printer who incorporates NaNOcopy into the background. This superior anti-copy technology is created using micro-text hidden into the base print and is one of the most productive anti-copy technologies today. AAMVA specifically recommends a document which shows the word “VOID” when copied. Check your current certificate of origin paper today to see if they comply. Chances are that they do not….

The certificate of origin NaNOcopy background is printed using both erasable and fluorescent ink in compliance with AAMVA. We use the highest quality security inks to print the anti copy background which makes a truly secure background that will perform perfectly with your overprinted information.

Optional Holography

We are also one of the only companies to offer a TamperSafe Hologram onto our MCO paper. Adding a hologram to your certificate of origin’s not only offers superior fraud protection but tells your clients that your serious about the quality of your delivered product. We have a standard hologram or can create a custom die for your business. All design and output is done in house.