Are these on “Money Paper”

In short, yes. We aren’t sure where the term “Money Paper” was started but obviously the federal reserve would not allow the same paper to be used which is used for the US currency. Our┬ásecure paper is UV dull, has visible/invisible fibers, full chemical protection, a true watermark, and a poly security thread embedded in the paper. All of these features are present in our currency and is likely where the term money paper was coined. Printed MCO security features a multi-colored background that shows VOID when copied, thermochromic heat changing ink that shows the a latent “C” and “O” when rubbed, micro-text, and erasure sensitive ink. Several of these features are patented by us and we are the ONLY company allowed to produce MCO and MSO forms with these secure features. More details on the amount of security can be viewed on our security feature page. Bottom line is that our paper exceeds AAMVA recommendations as well as the features sold by our competitors.